"Our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education."

Wooden Animals!

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Tara BK is now 24 and running a successful wholesale business carving and selling beautiful wooden animals to tourist outlets in Kathmandu. Born to the son of a poor wood carver, Tara learned his craft initially from his father, who still carves animals for the tourists visiting Megauli. Since the family was very poor, Clinic Nepal sponsored four of the children to attend school. After completing school, Tara expressed an interest in attending an art school in the capital city. Clinic Nepal again helped to sponsor this and today Tara and his thriving business has improved the living standard of his father and siblings. 

From Cook to Restaurant Owner – from School Boy to Supervisor

Mr. Darai is known throughout Meghauli for his amazing skill in cooking. He learned to cook when he was a young boy working in hotels in Chitwan. Although very poor, Mr Darai followed the traditional belief that the more children you have the more prosperous you will be and has eleven children! Falling prey to difficult economic times with so many mouths to feed, Clinic Nepal met Mr. Darai when he was unemployed and the family facing hard times. Clinic Nepal gave Mr. Darai a job as a cook in its own guest house and also sponsored his children to attend school. After completing his basic education, the oldest son, Purna, decided to study engineering at a college in Bharatpur, again sponsored by Clinic Nepal. In 2004, he finished the two year course qualifying him as a building supervisor and easily found work in Kathmandu. Since then, work has been plentiful, moving from two or three building companies throughout Nepal. Purna now supports two of his siblings through school and provided the financial support for his father to reach his dream and open a restaurant of his own. Despite his new restaurant, Mr. Darai still helps when his cooking skills are required for special occasions at Clinic Nepal! 

Rebellion Can Work!

Vishnu Rijal, a bright and talented girl graduated from school with very high marks, and wanted to go on to become a nurse. However her father did not agree as he holds the still widely thought belief that woman should only work in the home. Vishnu, being rebellious, went ahead and applied to the government nursing school in Bharatpur, a highly competitive programme. When she learned of her acceptance she eagerly asked her father to pay, but he declined. Ram Bhandary, Program Director of Clinic Nepal heard the local gossip of Vishnu’s predicament. Ram spoke to Vishnu and saw the amazing potential that she possessed. Clinic Nepal was able to sponsor her to attend the nursing programme. Following her graduation she applied again for a very competitive government nursing position and again her dream was fulfilled. Today her brothers and sisters visit the Clinic to show their support and gratitude for the opportunity it provided to their sister.

Keeping it in the Family

In 1997, Hari was visiting the land that he planned to build on Clinic Nepal on when he met Mr Aryal who was ill with tuberculosis. As the Clinic grew, Hari kept bumping into that gentleman and decided to give him job as groundskeeper so that he could have an income despite his illness. When Mr Aryal passed away the job as groundskeeper was given to his oldest son, Sahadev, who was never able attend school. Clinic Nepal also sponsored three of the five younger children to attend school.

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